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It's very interesting to follow the trail at some of the government sites we've encountered.  For instance, at the Washington Department of Natural Resources , here's one of the trails we followed:

We clicked on "What's New"

then clicked on the Natural Heritage Program (Information on rare plant species, animal species, and ecosystems).  

Then on to  "Related Sites", then on "Other Sites", 

then on The Natural Heritage Network.  

Now click on Biodiversity and the Web of Life.  

Click on Biodiversity  which brings us to the World Resources Institute Biodiversity's page.  Extensive information on biodiversity concepts and the importance of biodiversity. You'll notice on this page that one of the plans for action is the implementation of the United Nation's Biodiversity Treaty - which includes the Wildlands Project.  The Wildlands Project calls for over 50 percent of the United States to be placed into wildlands (off-limits to humans).

Next go to Biodiversity strategies and action plans

Click on Links

then on Biological Resources - lots of interesting information on this page. 

The following United States Federal Agencies are Listed: 

or scroll down on  the World Resources Institute's links to: World Bank

Look around these sites - it's very educational.  Write and let us know your thoughts!

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