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Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated."
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August 31, 2002

8/31/02 Global advocates leave trail of waste - Seattle Times

8/31/02 World Summit, Caviar, and Love Thy Neighbor -

8/31/02 ESA designations allow federal government to gain complete control over how land - and adjacent property - is used -by John D'Aloia Jr, Trackside

8/31/02 Maine: Is “Katahdin Forest” a Pre-Park Deal? Purchase and Conservation easement to TNC noted as 'most beautiful and ecologically important' by Mary Adams, Editor, The Adams Report

8/31/02 CSE Property Rights Activists to Participate in 'Sawgrass Rebellion' Environmental laws must respect the rights of property owners

8/31/02 Group challenging tribal golf course - Environmentalists say county granted permits illegally - Skagit Valley Herald

8/31/02 Sanctuary police want voluntary compliance, but will fine up to $109,000 per day for 'violations'

8/31/02 Oregon Public Learns About "Taxing Ted's" Record - State  ranked last in job creation, while budget grew nearly 16% - CSE

8/31/02 ''Teaching to the Test' in 'No Child Left Behind' will not return excellence in education -

8/31/02 Medical records to become public property on Oct. 15 - IHF

8/31/02  Numbers to Make Your Head Spin- Government spending is out of control - CSE

August 30, 2002

8/30/02 Hearing set for Stormwater Management Plan – Most don’t know the ‘devil is in the details’ by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/30/02 WTO Gives EU OK for U.S. Sanctions - Yahoo News

8/30/02 It's Back - CEDAW Treaty proponents prepare to bring it back to Senate floor - The Liberty Committee

August 29, 2002

8/29/02 Junk Science hits fan - Modeling used to promote concept of 'global warming' in error - WA Times

8/29/02 Animosity flowing in Washington water dispute - Enviros see it their job to enforce ESA where they perceive violations - The Columbian

8/29/02 NMFS Releases Anti-Hatchery, Anti-Law Policy by James Buchal

8/29/02 Growth fight brewing in Snohomish County - Seattle Times

8/29/02 Ecology tries to justify their position in Methow Valley - States governor's salmon recovery board has named it a highest priority- Methow Valley News

8/29/02 Talks on water allocation are 'moving forward' - Skagit Valley Herald

August 28, 2002

8/28/02 A $1.6 million logjam - cleared for $8,000 when moved from the public to the private sector - The Tribune, Tacoma, WA

8/28/02 The summit isn't sustainable by Debra J. Saunders -S.F. Chronicle

August 27, 2002

8/27/02 Anti-sprawl fervor meets backlash - USA Today

8/27/02 Report: Recovery efforts to save salmon fruitless - $3.3 billion taxpayers' money spent - Seattle Times

8/27/02 Unconstitutional origins of the Endangered Species Act - Discerning the Times

August 26, 2002

8/26/02 Unsustainable lies about the weather by Alan Caruba for News w/Views

8/26/02 Conservation Plan locks up land, costs taxpayers - County supervisor warns about city's plan

8/26/02 'Use Whatever Means Are Available' - Forest Service wants people, cattle out by Luther Broaddus III

8/26/02 NMFS set to impose ‘most restrictive set of regulations’ -Coquille Valley Sentinel

8/26/02 UN attacks freedom's foundations - 'Sustainable Development' changes our form of government - Tom DeWeese for News w/Views

8/26/02 Belfair, WA: Cantwell makes stops at Work Source and library during visit - Belfair Herald

August 25, 2002

8/25/02 Diplomatic Immunity for the Sierra Club? by Dr. Michael Coffman, PhD

8/25/02The Interior Department's Fall by John G. Lankford

8/25/02 Paragon Victory Finally Receives Bush Response! Western states should have the ability to effect change in the forests within their borders, to protect the lives and property of their citizens by Clifford Nichols

8/25/02 On summer-recess visit: Dicks shares his view of issues in Congress - Shelton-Mason County Journal

8/25/02 Commentary: How Does $100 Billion in New Taxes Sound? - Lee Swoboda

See the "Real Cost" of Referendum 51 Transportation Package here!

8/25/02 Former Oregon "biodiversity member" takes over in Arizona - BLM's state director is used to land tiffs - Arizona Republic

8/25/02 The Wildlands Project debate in Arizona brings letters - Updated.

August 24, 2002

8/24/02Economic Prosperity & Environmentalism - a former forester's perspective  by Glenn Wiggins, Mayor of Port Angeles,  WA

8/24/02The Disunited States by Cal Thomas

8/24/02Recent Developments from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

8/24/02Sawgrass Rebellion Too Big For Collier County Fairgrounds - by Danny Meek

8/24/02 A habitat for half-truths: World Summit on Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 - WA Times

8/24/02The Nature Conservancy "For Profit" Activities: Wildlife Shares Nest With Profit - creates a profitable business from land donated for "conservation" - LA Times

8/24/02Federal agency designates critical habitat for endangered minnow - WCCO4 News

8/24/02 Park Issue May Be Back In Court  - Enviro group to petition to stop emergency thinning of beetle-infested trees - YDP/Dakotan

8/24/02Watermaster: Rio Grande River condition ‘not good’-Valley Morning Star

8/24/02 Parental rights advocate offers compelling reasons to reject government vouchers by Cris Shardelman

8/24/02 Public school educators unqualified, says study; homeschool teachers must be 'certified'

8/24/02Skagit: Metro-style bus system ridiculous for our area - Skagit Valley Herald

August 23, 2002

8/23/02 Environmental groups offer "plan" for "protecting" communities and wildlands"

8/23/02 Environmentalism vs Conservation: A look at two roads

8/23/02 Environmental Counterblaze Distorts a Government Report - CFME

8/23/02 Taxpayers for Common Sense: Forest Service Misplaced $215 Million In Firefighting Funds - U.S. Newswire

8/23/02 Agriculture Statistics Challenge Land Use Assumptions _ ENS

8/23/02 Paul Allen asks for more credit than deserved for buying Hawks - News Tribune

8/23/02 Think tank sees past rhetoric - offers advice for voters - Arizona Republic

August 22, 2002

8/22/02 "Visioning, Community, and Sustainable Development" by Charlene Sanders for Sierra Times

8/22/02Environmentalism’s Woodstock: The UN "World Summit on Sustainable Development" - by Steven Hayword, PRI

8/22/02 Intended Consequences: Natural Process v. Environmental Arrogance - by Sean Finnegan, Sierra Times

8/22/02 Integrity tops political virtues list - Researchers offering tips to aid voters - The Arizona Republic

8/22/02 Charter Review Commission deserves congratulations for hard work done for the citizens of Clallam County: Review changes and vote wisely - Editorial by Bob Forde

8/22/02 Hunger rate is alarming in Washington state, says newspaper column - The Olympian

8/22/02 Army Base Killings Linked To Drug? CBS News

8/22/02 Testing of Yakima County Soil Put on Hold Indefinitely - Dept. of Ecology says it's difficult to proceed when 'community is apprehensive' - Yakima Herald

8/22/02 Additional Delays Would Further Hurt Water Rights Process - Yakima Herald

August 21, 2002

8/21/02 ‘We’re not willing sellers’, say River’s End property owners by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/21/02 Dungeness River: Lower river owners say 'not interested' on proposed buyout by county; upper river  owners buyout won't happen for now as federal buyout grant is denied - KONP Radio

8/21/02 Sequim hires new police chief -KONP Radio

8/21/02 Bush to Urge Logging Plan to Help Curb Fires - Policy: Critics say president's expected proposal will exploit fear to change the rules - LA Times

8/21/02 Bush to Propose Easing Logging Rule - Yahoo News

8/21/02 WA Farm Bureau RMAP committee solicits input, to develop recommendations

8/21/02 Ranchers attack Gaviota proposal: Landowners speak up for property rights - Santa Barbara News-Press

August 20, 2002

8/20/02 Housing Affordability and Regulation from Randal O'Toole

8/20/02 Washington: State may cut health care for poor-Seattle Times

8/20/02 Brown brothers' saga reveals regulatory flaws - Tri-City Herald

8/20/02 Student snagged by zero tolerance prompts soul-searching
Grandmother's bread knife led to expulsion, outcry -- and rewritten rules - LA Times

8/20/02 Surveying the Elwha: A ‘before’ picture of the river - Seattle Times

8/20/02 Dams to go down; salmon to go up - News Tribune

8/20/02 The Other Side:  Check Out "Save Our Dams" website

8/20/02 BPA says deficit might grow to $1 billion by 2006 - The Olympian

8/20/02 EPA chief's visit boosts plan to buy forest land with bonds - Seattle P-I

August 19, 2002

8/19/02 Skagit County: Pump house for pipeline may be built next summer - Approx. project cost of $6 million to leave more water for fish - Skagit Valley Herald

8/19/02New Eyman tax initiative shows 64% support among likely voters - 'Son of 747' has amazing level support among Republicans, Democrats, & Independents

8/19/02 Washington Watch - by Mike Hardiman (Govt. works to add more land to The Wildlands Project)

8/19/02 What the National Park Service doesn't tell you - from Coastal Stewardship Council - a grassroots group fighting the addition of 'another' national park

8/19/02Coalition president responds to name-calling used against property rights advocates by county supervisor - Tucson Citizen

8/19/02OC3 Opposes Okanogan River Land Acquisition - OC3 newsletter

8/19/02Consequences of Bureaucratic Decisions - Piping irrigation ditches harms people and fish - OC3 Newsletter

August 18, 2002

8/18/02 A Nation at War within our Borders: The Wildlands Project TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr.

More about The Wildlands Project 

8/18/02 A $40 Billion Economic Plan in the Works for Iraq and Russia - AP News Brief

8/18/02President of Counterterrorism Firm Arrested for Possessing Unregistered Missile - AP

August 17, 2002

8/17/02-In North Carolina - The ‘rain tax’cometh? Be prepared to pay the government for the rain on your roof - Asheville Tribune

and in Washington State... -Agencies promote 'model' stormwater management plan to county planning commission - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/17/02 Operation TIPS is Only the Tip of the Iceberg by Niki Raapana

8/17/02 U. S. Department of Energy promotes "sustainable development" in accordance with United Nations' scheme - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/17/02 Help the residents of Santa Barbara County fight national park designationAction Alert from - American Land Rights Association - Land Rights Network 

8/17/02-Pension loophole exploited - GAO: Some Texas schools helping teachers tap Social Security - Dallas Morning News

8/17/02-Let citizens participate in their own defense in the skies: Pilots should be allowed to carry weapons - Allow the military to do their job without interference via environmentalists' lawsuits - TRACKSIDE © by John D’Aloia Jr. 

8/17/02 Talk of global warming gets chilly reception in North Dakota farming community - The Oregonian

8/17/02 Resilient Eyman declares independence, soon to turn pro - AP

8/17/02 EPA chief's visit boosts plan to buy forest land with bonds - Seattle P-I

8/17/02 Oregon: State panel moving toward network of marine reserves - The Daily News

8/17/02 State seeks comments on plan to pump water underground - Omak Chronicle

August 16, 2002

8/16/02-Watch out, Montanans! Biologists find rare litter of ferrets - Great Falls Tribune

8/16/02-Farm to Table tour has the right idea - Ag groups help people understand that food doesn't just come from the grocery shelf - Great Falls Tribune

8/16/02-Spokane: County endorses transit tax issue despite objections  - Spokesman-Review

8/16/02-NC: Landscapers Say New Legislation is 'un-American' -Hendersonville Tribune

8/16/02-Health concerns sway judge - Thomas schedules another hearing on grass burning after listening to testimony -Coeur d'Alene Press

And Ralph Tyler Part 2

By Charlene Sanders for Sierra Times

8/16/02-West Nile Update: Audubon Society Says Protect Birds, Not Humans - by Alan Caruba for Sierra Times

8/16/02-Spokane: Paths cleared for trails in Little Spokane Valley

August 15, 2002

8/15/02 -Endangered species case sparks others - Courts agrees that government agencies don't consider economic impacts - Lincoln Journal Star

8/15/02 -Important Fundraiser Barbeque planned to Protect Water Rights - DOE charges "pollution" violation for diverting water to irrigation

8/15/02 Land Rights Alert:  The "Lynn Scarlett" National Park -ALRA

8/15/02 Sawgrass Rebellion to Ride Crest of Eco-Excess Outrage by John Langford for Sierra Times

8/15/02 Four forest activists indicted in firebombing of log trucks - The Oregonian

8/15/02 -Montana: Wilderness agency grapples with state over Breaks drilling - Great Falls Tribune

8/15/02 -Utilities shell out to fight dam measure - Owners spend nearly $1 million to keep property out of state hands - Great Falls Tribune

8/15/02 -When government is in business - A few too many hiccups in Liquor Board's accounting - After $421 million unaccounted for, now auditor discovers $839,706.90 in unauthorized payments - EFF

8/15/02 -What's the cost of the Endangered Species Act?  Check out

August 14, 2002

8/14/02 -Skagit County backs off asking DOE for river water rule change - Skagit Valley Herald

8/14/02 -Carpooling is a flop: New research on "HOT lanes" by Robert Poole

8/14/02 -Sequim: City to continue court fight over initiative - PDN

8/14/02 -A Conversation with a Conservative - There is a widening gap between the values of Washington Republicans and America's conservative base - CSE

August 13, 2002

8/13/02 -Mark your Calendar! Methow Valley irrigators, farm bureau to hold fundraising bbq to help defend water rights on Aug. 24th

8/13/02 -Methow: ESA reform movement taking shape in county - Methow Valley News

8/13/02 -Consensus is killing us by John Loeffler from News with Views

8/13/02 -Sawgrass Rebellion Launched!  The Transformation of Florida via the Wildlands Project

8/13/02 -Belfair bypass: Residents urge commissioners to open meetings to the public - Belfair Herald

8/13/02 -Reform process under way: Tribal, state hatchery priorities changed to protect wild salmon - Shelton-Mason County Journal

8/13/02 Henrickson gets the call: Mason County hires county administrator, blending duties of DCD chief while making him local government's chief executive - Shelton-Mason County Journal

8/13/02- The $8 BILLION Everglades Project won't restore Florida's swamps and Over 4,OOO residents are to be pushed from their homes - WA Post commentary

8/13/02- COPs - Community Oriented Policing - The consensus process at work - from News with Views


8/13/02- Local governments can inspect inside your private home - The Asheville Tribune

August 12, 2002

8/12/02 -Sustainable Seattle - City is a leader of worldwide movement to foster 'environmentally responsible' business practices- Guest editorial in Seattle P-I

8/12/02 -Is sustainability what the American people want?

8/12/02 - Gas tax 'grab bag' faces skeptical voters - $7.7 billion project list leaves some perplexed - The Olympian

8/12/02 -Logging begins to look a little better in light of fires - Denver Post

8/12/02 -Oregon: State fish and wildlife to delay decision about gray wolves - News Register

8/12/02 -Lease noose tightens for cattle grazing as more land is set aside for protection - Capital Press

August 11, 2002

8/11/02 -Agencies promote 'model' stormwater management plan to county planning commission - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/11/02 -Unmasking the Green "Watershed" Scheme by Clark Carter

8/11/02 -Environmentalists want to prevent tree thinning; want moratorium on water rights changes

8/11/02 -Dormant memory gene possible in politicians, judges and bureaucrats?  Lack of memory of oath of office, constitution, turns some into "guardians" rather than "servants" Trackside by John D'Aloia Jr.

8/11/02 -Another form of Outcome Based Education shows up in "ASQ" - American Society for Quality - from Lynn Stuter

8/11/02 -Missing Lynx: Are Animals More Important Than People? commentary by John Stossel

August 10, 2002

8/10/02-Environmentalist slams 'lunatic fringe' Says leaders of green movement betraying U.S. Constitution

8/10/02 -Water Rights Issues in your state?  Contact Julie

8/10/02 -Colin Powell promotes 'Sustainable Development' global summit in speech "Making Sustainable Development Work: Governance, Finance and Public-Private Cooperation"

8/10/02 -Sustainable development is a “security imperative”, claims Powell - despite Bush’s Johannesburg no show - from SD Int'l

August 9, 2002

8/9/02 -Elko, Nevada: Commissioners offer own ideas for species act - Elko Daily Free Press

8/9/02 -Ranchers voice concern with conservation plan - tell scientists and county officials they fear the Sonoran Desert proposal would get rid of cattle - Tucson Citizen

8/9/02 -Grand Canyon opens debate over river permits - Tucson Citizen

8/9/02 -Federal energy plan has ag worried - Capital Press

August 8, 2002

8/8/02 -Water Users Investigate Klamath River Flows: Biologist Warns "Increased Summer Flows Could Harm Salmon" - Concern over Waterfowl Impacts also Expressed by Conservation Group

8/8/02 -Residents take logjam into their own hands - County said it wouldn't help; job gets done for far less than feared - The Olympian

8/8/02 -Voters Deserve A Choice Initiative" Improves Transportation Without a Tax Increase

8/8/02 -NOAA Fisheries asks States and Tribes for comments on preliminary draft of New Hatchery Listing Policy for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead - NOAA website

August 7, 2002

8/7/02 -“Stormwater Management” – Much more than protecting home and people from too much water! by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/7/02 -Kitsap County: How "Smart" is Smart Growth? Economist offers myths and facts at local presentation by Mary Swoboda

August 6, 2002

8/6/02 -$100,000 retreat draws fire - Despite budget cuts, agency books deluxe lodge for training - Spokesman Review

8/6/02 -Ex-GOP candidate asks PDC to repeal rule - Attorney says order to forfeit campaign money is based on 'flawed' statute - Olympian

8/6/02 -Alternative transportation group sues Eyman - AP (Eyman's response attached)

8/6/02 -Economists to review benefits of deepening Columbia channel - The Olympian

August 5, 2002

8/5/02 -Environmental law gets second look - too much red tape stalls action and threatens natural resources, critics say - The Olympian

8/5/02 -Big Sky country nation's largest gated community commentary by Mike Aastrom, Kalispell, Montana

8/5/02 -Federal biologists say species has recovered, but battle to end protections is just beginning - Great Falls Tribune, Montana

8/5/02 -Malicious or maligned? Emotions on rise as more wolves move into cattle country - Delisting Canis Lupis - Great Falls Tribune, Montana

8/5/02 -Rural versus Urban battle reflected in dispute between Oregon governor and power planning appointee - Feud hits power council - The Oregonian

8/5/02 -Development-rights 'bank' stops plan for more homes - Snoqalmie Valley Record

8/5/02 -Despite conservationists' predictions of gloom due to electricity generation over fish protection, salmon counts higher this year - The Olympian

8/5/02 Bush vs. UN's International Criminal Court: Stay Tuned By Tom DeWeese for Sierra Times

August 4, 2002

8/4/02 -What About Government Accountability? by Congressman Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk

8/4/02 -An 'unreviewable and irreversible power ... to acquit' by Vin Suprynowicz for Sierra Times

8/4/02 -Tougher feedlot rules proposed
(New terms and NEW RESTRICTIONS that can and likely will impact many who are beyond the boundaries of the feedlot industry) - Hutchison Leader

August 3, 2002

8/3/02 -Planning commission faces push to “fast track” stormwater regs –Members raise questions about increased taxes, costs to property owners - by Sue Forde, Citizen Review Online

8/3/02 -89 infected with West Nile virus in 3 states; 4 dead Louisiana governor declares West Nile emergency - Dallas News

August 2, 2002

8/2/02 -Clallam County: Changes to 'County Constitution" to be submitted to voters for approval - Proposals to elect director of community development, strengthen initiative and referendum processes included - KONP News

8/2/02 -Skagit County: Proposed transit center changes draw fire - MV council members balk at increased cost - Skagit Valley Herald

8/2/02 -Economy: Jobless Claims Rise as Growth in Manufacturing Slows- AP

8/2/02 -The U.S. Military...Endangered species - by Rep. James Hansen, for eco-logic

August 1, 2002

8/1/02 -Missing Lynx - John Stossel reports

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